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Ahmed Seekh Kabab Masala

AED 4.80
Ahmed Seekh Kabab Masala is a pre-mixed blend of spices that is used to make Seekh Kabab, a popular South Asian dish made with minced meat that is shaped into long, cylindrical kebabs and grilled or barbecued over charcoal until they are cooked through and golden brown. The mix includes a combination of aromatic spices such as cumin, coriander, red chili powder, and paprika, as well as other ingredients like ginger, garlic, and onion that help enhance the flavor of the meat. To use the mix, you would typically first mix the minced meat with Ahmed Seekh Kabab Masala and some finely chopped onions, and then shape the mixture into long, thin kebabs around skewers. The kebabs are then grilled or barbecued over high heat until they are fully cooked and charred on the outside. The Ahmed Seekh Kabab Masala is a convenient way to prepare Seekh Kabab at home as it includes all the necessary spices and ingredients in one packet.