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Nestle Everyday Cardamom Tea 3 IN 1

AED 2.50
Nestle Everyday Cardamom Tea 3 in 1 is a single-serve sachet that combines the goodness of tea, milk, and cardamom in one convenient package. The sachet contains a blend of high-quality tea leaves, milk powder, and natural cardamom flavor, which makes it easy to prepare a delicious cup of tea without any hassle. Nestle Everyday Cardamom Tea 3 in 1 is designed for busy individuals who want to enjoy a hot cup of tea on-the-go or at home. It is a quick and convenient way to satisfy your tea cravings and provides a rich and creamy taste with a hint of cardamom flavor. The sachet is easy to open and can be prepared by simply adding hot water to the contents of the sachet. The packaging is designed to keep the tea fresh and free from moisture, ensuring that it stays flavorful and nutritious for a long time. Nestle Everyday Cardamom Tea 3 in 1 is a popular choice among tea lovers in Pakistan due to its convenience and delicious taste.