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Shan Chicken Broast Masala ( 125g )

AED 7.00
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Shan Chicken Broast Masala is a spice mix that is specially formulated to prepare a popular South Asian fried chicken dish known as Chicken Broast. This 50gm pack contains a unique blend of spices, including red chili, salt, garlic, ginger, and various other ingredients that give your chicken dish a delicious and crispy taste. The Shan Chicken Broast Masala also includes a recipe on the back of the pack, which provides you with easy-to-follow instructions to prepare a delicious chicken broast at home. Simply add the Shan Chicken Broast Masala to your marinated chicken, coat it with breadcrumbs, and deep fry it to enjoy a mouth-watering and crispy chicken broast. This product is free from any artificial colors, preservatives, or MSG and is suitable for vegetarians. With Shan Chicken Broast Masala, you can prepare a classic Pakistani fried chicken dish at home and enjoy its delicious taste and texture.