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Shan Dahi Bara Mix ( 150g )

AED 6.00
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Shan Dahi Bara Mix is a perfect blend of lentil flour and spices that are expertly crafted to prepare delicious and authentic Dahi Baras at home. This 150gm pack is ideal for making a small batch of savory and tangy Dahi Baras. The mix contains a unique combination of lentil flour, salt, cumin, red chili, and other spices that give your Dahi Baras an authentic taste and texture. Simply mix the Shan Dahi Bara Mix with water to make a smooth batter, fry small balls of the batter in hot oil until golden brown, and then soak them in water for a few minutes to soften. Finally, garnish with yogurt, tamarind sauce, and chaat masala to enjoy a flavorful and refreshing Dahi Bara. This product is free from any artificial colors, preservatives, or MSG and is suitable for vegetarians. With Shan Dahi Bara Mix, you can prepare a classic Pakistani street food at home and enjoy its delicious taste and texture.